Platform Pillow

Quality Products, Rest Assured
  • What is at the heart of successful business? Forget about our 0.03% customer complaint rate. Forget about ourRed Dot Product Design Award. Forget about the state-of-the-art factory which fuels our innovation practices. AtPlatform we think differently. We want to dream bigger. And we do so, together with our clients.
  • Because we believe success is built on strong relationships that share a vision. The greater that shared vision, thebetter we succeed. This is the essence of our founding story.
  • More than a decade ago Shelly Yu, our CEO and founder, was already right in the heart of the industry. Not at thehelm of a manufacturer, but as a trader, And working closely together with her clients planted the seed that grewinto the world-leading manufacturer Platform is today. One day, during an open discussion with a client the thought arose to do better. To improve defect rates.smoothen logistics, and truly care for the people in the factories. The solution? A company that would be at theinterface of quality, innovation and care, Personal values Shelly Yu has always lived by. And so Platform awakened.
  • Platform's factory currently covers an area of 18 acres and a floor area of 15000 square meters. There are two 3-story factory buildings and one 5-story staff dormitory.
  • In our factory we have 2 sets of advanced automatic cutting machines, 2 sets of laser cutting machines, 4 machinesewing lines, and one hand-sewing line. To date, the company employs more than 300 dedicated people, most of whom are experienced employees whohave been integral to the company's success for multiple years.

At Platform, we offer lifestyle-enriching products beyond neck pillows, empowering customers to dream, recharge, and embrace vibrancy. Our range includes travel pillows, bean bags, cushions, and eye masks, all meticulously crafted with consistent quality and tailored to market needs.


We prioritize quality and employee well-being by creating a low-stress work environment and utilizing advanced technology. Our state-of-the-art factory promotes innovation, resource efficiency, and conscious production choices, reducing environmental impact.


Platform collaborates with industry leaders, offering white label partnerships for clients to create their own collection of comfort-enhancing products. With our expertise and dedication to quality, innovation, and care, we ensure tailored solutions from our catalog or customized designs.



Our Sales department determines customer demand, handles client order review and management, oversees quality product delivery, and ensures customer satisfaction through diligent after-sales service.


Through meticulous quality management, we actively participate in design and improvement using scientific methods and excellent quality inspection personnel to ensure the quality platform stands for.


Our Production department focuses onproduction schedules according to theprocurement and production plan. Daily activitiesare accurately tracked and supervised to ensuremanufacturing process stays on track.

Research and Development

By incorporating customer insights into strategic product line planning, demonstrating product feasibility, and conducting patent research and implementation, we ensure optimal results.


Platform understands its impact on social responsibility and has passed ISO 9001 quality management system certification. The company also passed a series of social responsibility inspections such as anti-terrorism, Destiny, Costco, BSCI and Sedex.


Based on the values of gratitude, our CEO Shelly cares about what the company gives back to society. Platform actively participates in community activities, subsidizes education for children, and extends its care to elderly in nursing homes.